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Get in a glow state of mind with this glow in the dark Michigan keychain.

With zero batteries, bulbs or liquids, the glow in the dark keychain can be charged time and time again. Simply expose to any light source, the longer the brighter, including the sun, lamp, overhead lights, flashlight, ultraviolet (UV) light etc. and the glow in the dark keychain will provide hours of low light illumination.

Once the glow in the dark keychain begins to lose its shine, simply give it a quick boost from any light source and it will be good to “glow” for hours.

The Glow Keychain is Perfect for:

  • Glow Keychains, making your keys easier to find!
  • Gifts, stocking stuffers and party favors
  • Backpacks, sports bags and luggage, making them easier to spot!
  • General campsite use, inside/outside of tent, tent zippers, stake markers, etc.
  • Glow Night Lights for both kids and adults...we won't judge!
  • Clothing and Purses
  • Clip onto your emergency Grab and Go Bags, Kits, making them easier to spot!
  • Hanging from vehicle rear view mirrors, sun will charge during the day.

    The glow in the dark keychain uses nontoxic materials, is waterproof and down right rugged. Each product is handmade with resin and may contain slight imperfections such as air bubbles etc. No worries though, this will not impact product results.

    Handmade with love in North Carolina.❤️️


    • Michigan Keychain: 2 7/8 inch tall, 2 5/8 inches wide, ⅛ inches deep.