Q: How do I activate my glow light?

A: Once you are ready to get your glow on, simply expose entire product to any bright light source, for just a few minutes, including the sun, lamp, overhead lights, flashlight, ultraviolet (UV) light etc. The brighter the light, the faster the charge. That's it. Now it's time to enjoy the glow. Our products are best seen once eyes have adjusted to the dark. Once the product starts to dim, simply repeat the above and the glow will continue. NOTE: our glow products are not intended to replace other light sources, such as flashlights, etc. Instead, they provide a soft glow, which can make a significant difference during an emergency or dark situation. Our glow lights will also help decrease the usage of valuable resources, such as flashlight/cellphone batteries, candles, etc.

Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

A: We make every attempt to fulfill orders within 1-5 business days. Unexpected delays may occur due to shipping, high order volumes, etc. Should an issue arise, we will do our best to keep customers updated.

Q: What if my order is lost?

A: While Just Keep Glowing is not responsible for lost or stolen packages, we will do our best to assist customers should this occur. We always recommend first contacting your local post office/courier. Should the post office/courier determine that your package is lost, we will work with you to ensure a replacement is shipped. If the post office/courier indicates that the package has been delivered successfully, Just Keep Glowing will not be able to process a return/replacement.

Q: Why was my order canceled?

A: We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any orders that we deem inappropriate or fraudulent. Order cancelations will be refunded to original payment method.

Q: What if my order is deemed undeliverable?

A: If an order is returned to our warehouse as undeliverable, we will issue a refund, minus any shipping fees incurred during the process. This includes orders that may have initially received free shipping but are returned as undeliverable.

Q: Do you accept returns?

A: If there is an issue with your product, please notify us within seven (7) days and we will work with you to correct the issue. Otherwise, all items cannot be exchanged and are non-refundable.