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Are you prepared for the dark? Our reusable glow in the dark lights are a must-have for emergency situations. They provide an efficient and reliable source of light when you need it the most. Simply charge them a few seconds prior to use and they'll be ready whenever you need them. Don't be caught in the dark, stay prepared with our emergency glow in the dark lights.

These Emergency Glow in the Dark Lights provide peace of mind during power outages and are ideal for camping and other outdoor adventures. The reflective paracord adds an extra layer of safety in emergency situations.

✅Zero batteries, bulbs or liquids
✅Can be quickly charged in seconds with any bright light (saving battery resources)
✅Includes durable reflective paracord for extra visibility and ability to hang on items
✅Uses nontoxic materials
✅Handmade with pride in the USA
✅Best seen once eyes have fully adjusted to the dark

Each product is handmade with resin and may contain slight imperfections such as air bubbles, etc. No worries though, this will not impact product results.

Multiple Color Options Available:

  • Green, Glows Green
  • Pineapple Yellow, Glows Pineapple Yellow
  • Green, Glows Blue


  • Glow cube is 1 1/4 inches tall & wide
  • Includes reflective paracord for attaching to items