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Are you prepared for a power outage? If not, then you will want to consider adding our glow bar to your emergency kit ASAP! Our glow bar acts like a reusable glow stick and be charged with any light, over and over.

With zero batteries, bulbs or liquids, there's no maintenance required. It will always be ready to glow!

Simply expose glow bar to a bright light (sun, bright flashlight, etc.) and within :30 seconds, it will begin to glow!

The glow bar is not intended to replace other bright light sources but can provide just enough glow to prevent the depletion of other valuable resources such as cell phones/flashlight batteries, candles, etc.

The glow bar serves as a great marker in the dark and can help improve your navigation!

The glow bar is best seen in a completely dark environment, once eyes have completely adjusted to the dark. Depending on amount of light used to charge the bar, it is possible for the glow bar to be seen 8+ hours later.

The Glow Bar is Perfect for:

- Emergency Grab and Go Bags/Kits
- Night Lights
- Power Outages
- Camping & RV's
- Boats
- Auto Emergency Kits
- Storage Sheds, Garages and Workshops
- Backpacks, Sports Bags and Luggage
- Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

The Glow bar uses nontoxic materials, is waterproof and down right tough. Each product is handmade with resin and may contain slight imperfections such as air bubbles etc. No worries though, this will not impact product results.

Handmade with love in North Carolina.❤️️


Glow Bar: 3 ⅞ inches length, 1 ⅞ inches width, 1/4 inches deep.

The Glow Bar includes a durable cord that allows the Glow Bar to be hung in a variety of convenient locations.

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