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This glow in the dark unicorn toy is like a reusable glow stick and can be charged over and over with any light. A bright light will charge this toy within :30 seconds and will last for several hours.

It appears a glittery cotton candy pink in the light but will magically transform by glowing purple in the dark!

The glow is best seen once eyes have adjusted to the dark. Once the toy starts to lose its glow, simply expose to more bright light and it will continue to glow!

This toy is not only fun to play with during the day but it also transforms into a nightlight. Great for soothing young kids who might be afraid of the dark.

The Magical Glittery Glowing Unicorn is Perfect for:

  • Gifts, stocking stuffers and party favors
  • Comforting little ones during a power outage
  • Kids nightlights and nightstands...for adults too...we won't judge!
  • Teaching kids responsibility by giving them control to charge their glow light before bedtime
  • Desk décor and paperweights
  • Sleepovers
  • Emergency Grab and Go Bags and Kits
  • Camping
  • Tactical Light
  • Survival Gear
  • Dive Lights
  • Just playing with. It’s a fun unicorn after all!

The Magical Glittery Glowing Unicorn is non toxic, waterproof and down right rugged. Each product is handmade with resin and may contain slight imperfections such as air bubbles. No worries though, this will not impact product results.

Handmade with love in North Carolina.❤️️


  • The Magical Glittery Glowing Unicorn is: 2 ⅞ inches tall, 2 ⅜ inches wide, ½ inches deep.

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